The customer is the most important asset we have and as such, we are committed to deliver the highest level of service to you every day.
        Stringent criteria (DOT) for vehicles
        Service level guarantee
        Pricing in line with comparable executive transportation providers
        Fully licenced and insured. 



As the debate continues on as to whether climate change and global warming are real, our company is taking a proactive approach when it comes to our vehicles.  We want to stand out above most others and we are committed to respecting the environment in which we live. We know the importance of reducing environmental damage caused by individual's use of cars.  As a result, we offer newer late model vehicles and according to Environment Canada, only 1 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from new vehicles.  Further, newer cars run cleaner and are more fuel-efficient which promotes energy independence.  Our fleet meets stringent DOT inspection and our drivers practice good driving and car maintenance habits.  As a company that is aware of a greener environment, we know that we must strive to reduce the automobile’s environmental footprint for a better tomorrow. 

Tune it up! A well-tuned vehicle uses up to 9 percent less gasoline than a poorly tuned vehicle.
Pump it up!  Underinflated tires increase resistance, reduce fuel economy and wear rapidly.
Refuel after sundown to minimize the impact of evaporative emissions on the environment. 
Use good quality, energy-conserving oils. 
Use a high quality, clean fuel with good detergent additives to keep engine clean and performing       efficiently.   Use fuel with an octane rating appropriate for your vehicle.
Think aerodynamic! Avoid piling a lot of luggage on the roof rack. The added frontal area will  increase drag and reduce fuel economy.
Close the windows!  When driving with the windows down, aerodynamic drag on the highway increases and fuel economy decreases.
Start slowly!  Avoid rapid acceleration. "Jack rabbit" starts are terrible fuel wasters. 
Watch the limit!  Drive at posted speed limits. That's a tip that may save a life as well as fuel.
Try to drive at a constant speed. Every time you pump the accelerator, you are pumping more  fuel into the engine. 
Park in the shade! Reduce the need for air conditioning and use the vent setting as much as possible.



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